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Writing short poems seems to be popular

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In the modern world with time so precious nobody seems to have time to read epic poetry and this is where short poems come into their own. By reading or listening to good poetry you experience a sense of oneness with the poet as if you are in their world and if you are thus transported then the poet has done a good job. Short poems can move you in just a few words, perhaps as birthday poems or phrases or even with as few as 17 syllables, in the case of the Haiku poem.

Japanese short poems

Do you need to be published to be a poet? The answer is no, because poetry, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder (or ear of the beholder so to speak). To be published a poem will need to be well written with a precise and accurate use of the English language. Translating poetry into other languages rarely works well as the translated words will not rhyme well in the new language, so it best for poetry to remain in the language that it was first written. The Japanese haiku is a good example as the meaning is often lost when it is translated to English and, if fact, the translated haiku is in reality a ‘new’ English poem.

Do we write poetry well?

This is an open question but the author believes that poetry written from the heart to a loved one is good poetry because it will have an impact on the lover. The poem might even be a love sms with all the bad grammar that goes with sms messages but it will be a poem none-the-less. The conventional notions of what is good or bad poetry count for little where the new technology of text messages comes into play because they are an art form in themselves. The question is not ‘do we write poetry well?’ but rather ‘do we know how to write poetry at all?’

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