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Woodwork – Where do I Begin?

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The most difficult part of starting many things is to know where to begin. Approaching the craft of woodworking is no exception. Once you have an idea of how to start, it becomes a lot easier to take it from there. One plan for beginning woodworking is outlined in an online article by Nash Wendin. In my view, the best way to begin woodworking is to start with easy woodworking projects. This involves being prepared, using plans, and add to your knowledge and skills as you progress.

It does not make sense to tackle something very complex when you first start out. You should in fact keep it very simple. Try creating a doorstop or a napkin holder first before trying a cabinet or a bed frame. There are many free easy woodworking plans on the internet to help get you started as well as a number of good woodworking books for beginners.

Being prepared when you approach a woodwork project means both using plans, and knowing how to use the equipment. Projects are made simple by plans as these give step-by-step instructions and explain terminology. Most novice woodworkers are surprised at how simple woodworking plans are, and how easy it is to follow the instructions. It is also important to know how to use the equipment and you should not proceed with a project if you are unsure about the safety aspects of using tools.

As you advance as a woodworker, you might very well find that you become excited about taking on new projects. You will also steadily be building up your skills. In the process, you will also be building up a collection of woodworking tools. You will eventually take elements like scrollwork from one project and apply it to another plan that has different or even no scrollwork in it. This will result in projects and pieces that are uniquely your own. One option worth exploring is to take woodworking classes at a local community college or hardware store. This will definitely broaden your knowledge whilst giving you essential hands-on experience. You will not be able to do the project of your dreams right away, especially if it is a complex piece, but you can make it a goal and work toward it steadily.

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