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Why You Need A Business Card Scanner?

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The one thing that you can guarantee about trade fairs, business conferences, seminars and presentations, is that these business networking events all generate hundreds of business cards. Great! So you have a briefcase full of cards for people that you have shaken hands with and spoken to for a few minutes. When you get home you add these cards to the mass of cards that you already have, but how do you find the ones you need when you need them?

Get a business card scanner
Once you have a business card scanner, you can sit down and run the cards through it, scanning them into the database. The scanner software will recognize individual pieces of information like the email address or the business name and save it to that specific field in the database. Because most business cards follow a similar layout arrangement the software can be very accurate. Following each card scan, the information is presented to you for your approval or for you to correct, if it is not quite right. You can also add details if you want to at this point, you may want to highlight the business services that this card relates to or categorize it in another way.

Making use of this valuable information
This information is some of the most valuable that you will have at your disposal and it is probably languishing in the bottom of your business card box. Finding out information is easy in this day and age; a quick internet search will reveal a dozen local businesses, available for any given product or service. But when your boss says, “who do we know in New York dealing with plastic bottles” or “who do we know in London selling real estate”, a quick search of your scanned business cards database can reveal the name of your personal contact. Business name, address, name of the person to talk to, his personal business email address, direct line and all this for someone that you have personally met at a meet and greet or other business event.

After scanning all of your documents and photos, you should consider cheap cd duplication to store them and have extra copies. In addition, if you have old slides you should try considering to convert slides to digital images to reminisce the old memories.

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