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Why Would Someone Keep Vinegar Eels?

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Vinegar eels look rather gross. They live in vinegar that hasn’t been distilled and they can be found in many fish rooms and even the houses of people who breed fish. So why would one choose to keep vinegar eels?

Vinegar eels make a great food source. They are good for feeding small fish, fish fry, newt larvae, salamander larvae, and even carniverious tadpoles. They are about 2mm in length when full grown, so they don’t make good foods for large grown fish, but many small fish like them and they are good for a lot of different fry from livebearers to bettas.

For anyone who is looking for a live fish food source for fry or small fishes there are a number of advantages to keeping vinegar eels over other types of nematodes. The first reason is the smell. Vinegar eels do smell of vinegar. However, microworms and banana worms are grown in a mix of yeast and grains that eventually smell really gross. This can even leak out into the air around them making a whole room smell bad.

Another advantage over the other types of nematodes is that vinegar eels are aquatic. They swim in the waters that they are put into. This makes them more attractive to fry, more likely to be seen by adults, and less likely to die in the gravel of a tank. Microworms sink to the bottom and can die within the substrate.
However, these aren’t the only reason that someone would want to keep vinegar eels. These small nematodes are also easier to culture than other types. If you buy Walter’s worms (for example) you will be culturing this nematode about every two to three weeks. With vinegar eels you can set it and forget it for three to four months instead. You also don’t need to add food regularly and can just add a bit once a month instead of whenever the culture gets too moist.

There are many reasons to keep vinegar eels in a fish room. These easy to culture nematodes are great to help you keep your fry well fed and they are good for a treat for older fish. They will also help your fry grow faster.

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