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Why Pick Hemp Protein?

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Hemp is this amazing material that has been around for generations and used for many food textiles as well as a food crop too.  Unfortunately it has been lumped in with its female counter part the cannabis plant however it is very different since there are no psychoactive chemicals in hemp.  You would have to smoke a whole forest of it for any amount of measurable THC to be in your system.  As a result of this association hemp has gotten a very bad rap but it is rather unjust.

Hemp has multiple uses but if we just look at it as a food source it already stands out as a very amazing substance.  First it is relatively easy to grow and can be prolific which is probably how it got the name ‘weed’ in the past.  It can easily be grown with no fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides and often is.  It is high in dietary fiber making it good for blood sugar levels as well as proper elimination.  It is a great source of plant protein with 20 amino acids of which there are 9 essential amino acids.  In terms of fat it is high in essential fatty acids and has a great balance between omega 3’s and 6’s.  All in all it is a pretty great super food.

Where this comes in the handiest is in terms of protein powder.  Hemp protein powder is an excellent alternative to many whey and soy products that are heavily advertised on the market.  Most forms of hemp have little additives, sweeteners, preservatives and other less then desirable ingredients.  Hemp is also a vegetable source causing no known allergens.  It is also highly anabolic next to whey protein.  Many people have challenges with dairy in general and find that whey can be a culprit, which again makes hemp a healthy choice for those individuals. The only drawbacks to using hemp protein vs. other proteins are that it is not mass-produced in the same way and the price is often a little higher then whey protein powder.  Additionally, because it is it natural whole food state only slightly ground up it has a natural flavor.  I personally love this flavor but I always use my favorite hemp protein powder recipes to make it very enjoyable.

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