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Why Choose An Extra Long Yoga Mat

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First off we need to define if you fall into the range where an extra long yoga mat is needed.  Of course the choice is always up to you, but her are some basics to go by.  If you are over 6 feet tall, yes a long mat is a good idea.  If you are under 5 8′ an extra long mat is not necessary except perhaps by preference.  If you are in between then you can go either way to suit your preferences.  The average mat that you pick up at the average store is 68″ or 5 8′ in length.  So with this in mind you now have a reference point to begin at.

For me to buy an extra long yoga mat was totally worth it.  I’m 6 feet and I love having the extra space and being comfortable.  The things that I had to think about though were the extra weight of the mat with the added length.  This was not a problem for me since I drive to my yoga class and have a travel mat for when I walk.  The other thing was the added expense.  A longer mat is equal to a little more money.  This was fine by me cause comfort and enjoyment is paramount in the things that I love.

When I went looking for the mat of my dreams I did find a lot of options at some great local sports stores, but then I started to get a little picky and wanted a particular color for my mat.  After all I am planning to use if for years to come, right.  I found that online there is a heaven of high quality mats that can be ordered per my specifications.  Jade, Manduka, Prana and Original, all the best mat companies in the business have great sites that allow you to order what you are looking for.  They also all have eco yoga mat options for the environmentally conscious folks out there.  Since then I have also seen many options for extra long yoga mats on which is nice cause they have a broad selection of quality and prices for those interested.

In my experience most of the premium mats start slightly longer then regular mats that are typically 68″.  So read the measurements before you buy.  Also there are a good number of options that go all the way up to 80″, but after this there is only one of two options to select from since that length is so uncommon.  I really like the Barefoot Yoga Co. website for mat shopping as they hare a wide selection with all the companies that I listed and lots of info too.

For me a long yoga mat was definitely worth it.  You should probably have enough info to now determine if that is the case for you or not. And if you do decided to take the plunge you should also have a pretty easy time tracking down what you want which means good news all around.

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