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What You Need to Know About Buying Certified Loose Diamonds

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Buying loose diamonds can be an excellent investment, since loose stones tend to be priced lower than gems that have already been set. It is also easier to choose specific qualities and characteristics such as cut, size and clarity at a more affordable price when buying certified loose diamonds. It is also easier to view the whole stone without the distraction of the setting and assess its . Additionally, loose stones also allow for more flexibility in terms of the final design of the jewelry piece.

Why Buy Certified Loose Diamonds?:
After the four Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat weight), the certification is considered as an important indicator of a diamond’s value. This is why it is often referred to as the fifth C. Certificates are issued by an independent gem laboratory such as the AGS, GIA and the EGL.

Unless the buyer has a trained eye or has sufficient expertise in looking at and assessing the value of the stone, buying certified loose diamonds will help prevent the possibility of purchasing gemstones at overstated prices. Most people think all diamonds are alike and this belief works to their disadvantage. Very often, inexperienced buyers purchase a diamond thinking it has a high value when in truth it should be priced significantly less.

Certified loose diamonds carry a certification from at least one gemological laboratory which means they have been evaluated and examined by professionals to determine their characteristics. This information is important for proper and fair pricing.

Buying Certified Diamonds:
The majority of certified loose diamonds can be a significant investment with a potential for excellent return on investment, much like a gold etf, so care must be taken when choosing them.  Loose diamonds are categorized by the 4Cs, making it easier to choose the most desirable stones. Having a good understanding about these characteristics will help you find the right stones for a particular purpose. It is also recommended that you only transact with reputable, legitimate dealers and retailers. Besides the large jewelry stores, there are also smaller jewelers who offer fair pricing on their gemstones.

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