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What Makes Your Smart (and Smarter) as You Age?

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There’s a good enough reason why you can’t remember anymore the names of the people you were currently introduced with. Whether you’re in your 20s, late 30s at your prime 40s or enough to be called grandpas and grandmas, your brain will always be the reason whether you’re retaining that smart thinking or losing the sharpness your mind once has.

It’s always about your brain that you learn how to speak, remember names, mimic people and their actions or simply learn. In fact, your brain is the base of all learning faculties one could have in life. As you get older, you seem to feel a bit rusty when it comes to using your smart. Sometimes, you even feel less smart around people who are younger or those who seem to have a lot of things working and going around in their brains. But then, being smart is something that you can learn and if you just know the right way on how to do it, you can be one step ahead of being smarter today than you were yesterday. So what makes you smart (or smarter) as you age? Read on the following and see.


It’s no rocket science but every one of us was given a brain to mind and a mind to think. Just because you’re already surrounded with lots of materials on the web and everything feels like one click away should you stop thinking, still nothing beats your brain when it comes to thinking. You want to become smarter? Grab the Sunday paper and answer that Sudoku puzzle. Play scrabble with your kids. Be curious to ask and find what you are looking for. Ask questions, research, read (in fact while you’re reading this, you’re already thinking and using your brain!), don’t stop learning. Not going to school and not learning are not synonymous in any way and it’s far better to exercise that brain of yours to keep it sharp and maintain it that way. Remember, your brain is a mass of cells, tissues and muscles too so if you want to make it strong (and make you smarter on the way), give it a push of brain exercise through thinking and thinking things through.


You always thought meditation as a process to relieve you of your stress hormones going haywire around your brain right? Well you’re not wrong either. But while meditating positive thoughts are relaxing, it can also be the answer to make your mind sharper and mentally calmer. From research conducted, FMRI scans showed that constant meditation affects the brain’s faculties like memory, focus, attention span and function in such a positive way.

Work out.

Have you ever wondered why it’s easier for you to make decisions, calculations and mental notes after you sweated yourself out on an exercise? It has been noted that people who constantly walk, jog or work out one way or another think and learn better than those who stay sedentary. So what explains it? Your brain is a tough muscle. It has no pain receptors it doesn’t feel pain. It uses 20% of your total calorie consumption so you feel like crossing your eye when you’re hungry. It goes blank dead when it’s short of oxygen even for only 10 seconds and you’re the only one who can make it better through exercise. When you work out, you help your blood to circulate better in your whole body. As in whole. That includes your heart, your lungs, your kidneys, your liver and your brain. Your brain loves oxygen. And your exercise routine pumps more oxygen into your system. When your brain gets a boost of oxygen it’s able to do better, think better and learn better. But wait. Don’t be too happy. You should consider constant work out as a part of your lifestyle to keep at this benefit. And that means keeping to your jogging or walking routine or simply keeping a spotlessly clean house by doing a thorough workout cleaning.

Manage stress.

Do you know that the right amount of stress grows your hippocampus? And it’s actually good because a super active hippocampus improves your most basic cognitive functions which are learning and memory. However, while the right amount of stress can be good, not being able to manage that anxiety, stress and depression right can cause your brain to work less and be tired more. Make it a habit to manage your stress and help yourself be in a positive mood. People who are able to deal with their anxieties and stressors are able to think positively that later leads on critical and creative thinking. So much thinking about solutions for your problems. Think about something happy and fun and you’re going to have a light bulb idea of what you should do and how you should do it in a snap.


While you were given the idea that your brain shuts down when you sleep and sleeps as well, shake it off. You aim to be smarter right? Then give your brain the rest it needs. You dream because your brain makes a thousand or a million more connections to sort your memories and put them all in the right places. So if you want a no-brainer’s ability to focus well, remember well and digest information better, a recommended 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night would be your daily dose of bed.

Go brainy buddy.

They say that birds of the same feathers flock together. But sometimes, other birds just want to flock within other groups too right? People define smart people when you can say one word and you can bring a lecture out of it. Their secrets? They’ve sharpened their memories through brain exercises and literal simple day-to-day activities like getting enough sleep, thinking positive thoughts and managing their stress. If you’re finding a hard time to find your flock right now and you want to belong, stay with smart people. Not only will you grow smarter and well with age, you’ll also learn more things from them and achieve your goal of becoming smarter even as you get older (and wiser).

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