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What is Water Intoxication?

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Water intoxication is a condition that happens when one consumes too much water. This is a very rare issue, but most people should take the time to understand that it can happen. In most situations you can drink more than a hundred ounces of water a day and never, ever have an issue. Here’s how it works.

The body requires a balance between water and salts in the tissues. This balance is how the cells maintain an equilibrium. If the salts and water balance goes wrong then the water fills into the cells. The cells swell. They can take in so much water that they burst.

This happens to babies who don’t have the ability to process the water because their kidneys are not able to process the water. This happens to runners and other althetes after a huge race because their body has lost water and salts. They then drink a lot of water because they are thirsty and dehydrated. Because of the balance in the cells is disrupted and they can fill with water. Drinking water slowly, making sure that you are drinking only the water that you lost, and drinking sports drinks throughout will help to maintain the proper balance.

There are only two other groups of people who should worry about drinking too much water. The first are those that drink a lot of water very quickly because they are trying to compete against others in some sort of competition. Next there are a few people who should not drink too much water because they have medical conditions. Whenever you are diagnosed with a condition you should make sure that you ask you doctor anything that could be an issue, including drinking water.

For most people, there is nothing to worry about. You should drink water each and every day. In fact, you should drink a lot of water each and every day. However, it is a good idea to be aware that such a condition exists. Water intoxication can be a very serious issue.

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