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What is the suitable mobility aid for the elderly?

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If you wish to get a mobility aid for your parents or grandparents, you can choose from a wide range of devices available in the healthcare industry. However, you need to know the correct device that will suit the users’ needs. You need to clearly assess the user’s condition and where the device will be used before being able to identify the device to buy.

It is advisable to understand the user requirements because it will determine the type of device and, consequently, the price of the device you are getting. You do not want the situation where you are getting equipments which are not what you want or more than what the user needs.

The two most common mobility devices for elderly which you should consider first should be either the electric wheelchairs or the mobility scooters. Each of these devices have its own features which will cater to users in different situations. For example, the electric wheelchair is mainly used for physically handicapped people who need a seat to cushion their body. You can get a good electric wheelchair where the cushion gel is able to provide ample support for the spine and lower back of the user. If the user needs to be in standing position to board handicap lifts, you can get wheelchairs with seats that can be elevated into a standing position. This belongs to the newer generation of wheelchairs with advanced features. You can only consider this if you have deep pockets because they cost a whopping $10000 each.

If the user is able to stand on his own but only requires aid to help them cover distances, then the mobility scooter will be a better choice. It is also cheaper and more trendy than electric wheelchair. More people are replacing their electric wheelchairs with mobility scooters because of the image and youth that the latter exudes. It makes the ideal birthday and Christmas gift for your parents.

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