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What is Facial Liposuction?

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Liposuction has become the answer for all those looking at contouring their bodies. It has become popular especially in contouring those body parts that make a huge impact on our appearance, such as the face, abdomen, legs, etc. Although the face is not a place that accumulates much fat, there are many who use facial liposuction to enhance their facial features by getting rid of their double chins, turkey necks, and jowls.

Facial liposuction differs from other lipo procedures due to the area in which it is implemented. The face is not a region that accumulates fat and for this very reason, the procedure in itself is quite simple. Therefore, the procedure necessitates only the use of micro-cannula to remove the little fat found here. The biggest advantage with this instrument is that it reduces scarring. Most of the facial lipo procedures are done in conjunction with augmentation with implant so as to ensure that facial harmony and symmetry are maintained.

As with any other lipo procedure, a consultation with your surgeon prior to surgery is important to understand the cost of facial liposuction as well as other related factors. It is also a chance for you to clarify any concerns and issues you would have. Also, during such discussions, your surgeon is sure to come up with his portfolio that includes facial liposuction before after photos of previous clients. The benefit of analyzing this is that, it helps to dispel fears and miscommunications, as well as, it helps to set more realistic goals with regards to your procedure.

Another important factor that you need to consider before opting for facial liposuction is your plans with regards to weight reduction. In such a case, it is better to first attain your desired weight and then undergo the procedure. This is because weight reduction changes the way your facial features appear and therefore, more effective results can be achieved by doing the procedure later. Further, your liposuction costs would depend on your individual factors such as the actual amount of fat to be removed, the actual procedure adopted, and of course, your specific requirements. You also need to be aware of the various complications and side-effects associated with your procedure before you take the plunge. However, these should not act as a deterrent in your objective, as new liposuction techniques promise safety, reliability, and better results. Therefore, choose an alternative that best suits your requirements, based on the recommendations of your surgeon.

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