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What is A Lip Augmentation Procedure?

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Having full lips is now being synonymous to sensuality and sexuality.But of course not everyone is born with natural, full lips. Lipsticks may create an illusion but once it has been wiped off, it will reveal thin lips. But it should not be a problem anymore because there is a cosmetic enhancement procedure now that can give anyone that full pouty lips they wanted and the procedure is called lip augmentation. It is one simple procedure that can make the face very appealing.

The lip augmentation process is done using cosmetic fillers or through the use of synthetic implants. Sometimes it is done with other surgical enhancement procedures that will make the face more attractive.

The surgeons before used paraffin to inject the lips and make it fuller but it just became a failure. So they switched to using liquid silicone but it was stopped due to medical fear and possible complications that it can have on people. But in the 80s, collagen from bovine has somewhat become the standard material for injectable fillers not just for the lips but also to other parts of the body that needs augmenting.

But since lips are in the middle of the face, occupying both sides, it tends to become a focal point when looking in a person. People of different ethnicities are even using different materials and colors to emphasize the lips as they consider it as a gauge of beauty. But of course not everyone naturally has that full lips and even if they used to, aging will take it away. Atrophy in the facial fat occurs when one gets old this is why older peopletend to have faces that are sagging and thin. Of course, it does not look attractive anymore.

But with lip augmentation procedure, the simple process can immediately bring back the fullness in one’s lips and they can even make it bigger than they used to. And since it volumizes the face, it is also a great way to make the face look more youthful as it can stretch the fine lines around the lips. It eliminates the flaws there making one to have a beautiful, youthful smile. There is also what you called botox surgery and this kind plastic surgery is not that expensive because botox prices is very affordable.

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