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What Does The Clover Seed Have To Offer?

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The Clover seed gives life to an excellent plant. Clover seeds have a wide variety of uses. It can be used for farming and agriculture. It can also be used in crop rotation, or as a fast-growing plant that can stop soil erosion from occurring.  For these reasons and many more, Clover is one of the most useful weeds on earth.

In many cultures the clover plant serves as a symbol of good luck and fertility. For instance, the Irish view the four-leaf clover as a sign of good luck. The belief that four-leaf Clovers are good for fertility probably comes from the fact that Clover helps farming soil to become more fertile.   This is because when a clover seed grows it can actually take the atmospheric nitrogen out of the air and convert it into soil nitrogen. Not very many plants are capable of doing this. For this reason Clover can grow even on barren soil. It can take the air and use it to create its own food. This is pretty cool.

There are many different varieties and types of Clover seed. White clover seeds, for instance, produce white flowers. White Clover is a perennial plant, meaning it can grow in any season. Clover can also produce red and crimson colored plants. Most of these plants are also really good for farm animals, because there are a lot of nutrients in the clover plant. Crimson Clover is only a winter annual. It is best to harvest it before it starts to blossom.  Often, Clover is mixed with hay to make it more nutritional for livestock. In addition, my chickens also love to eat Clover that they find in my lawn. Although many people might consider Clover in their lawn to be a weed, having Clover in your lawn is actually really good for it.  Clover will help to produce one third of the nitrogen your lawn needs on a yearly basis to stay green and healthy.

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