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What are the best ways to watch live cricket online

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If you are as addicted to the Internet as me then I’m sure that over the past couple of years you will have noticed the growing number of Internet websites that now provide the ability to watch television online. Whether it is some major television network wanting to show you the repeat of a specific programme so that you can catch up with the latest goings-on or if it is an Internet website providing some form of live streaming feed, one thing is certain technology as massively improved to enable quality playback of a variety of television programmes.

One area that has benefited hugely from this improvements in technology is the broadcasting of live sports events, I myself am a massive fan of cricket and I’m am now able to watch live cricket online much more easily than ever before. Unfortunately there are numerous ways of watching live cricket online some much better than others, for example there are a staggering number of illegal websites offering the ability to watch live sports. This type of service will usually hijack a satellite feed and then distribute the captured footage to a large number of non-paying individuals, the problem with these services is that they are run by criminals and many of the sites will lure you in with the promise of live sports before stealing your information to sell to other harmful entities.

It is because of this concern that it is very important that you ensure that when you are planning on watching live cricket online that you ensure you are viewing the sport via a legitimate website that is authorised by the various cricket authorities to display their media. One of the best websites to watch live cricket online is the cricinfo website this site is owned by ESPN and has the added benefit of being able to provide live video of cricket matches from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day seven days a week.

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