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Wellness Care Programs for Pets

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The Banfield hospital chains are the largest chains of animal hospitals in the world. With almost 700 hospitals all around the globe, they are considered the leader in the field of animal care. Banfield started operating in the year 1955, which means that they have been in the industry for more than five decades already. At first they were only catering to animal check ups and basic treatment, but as time went by, they began to offer other services like insurance policies that aim to help your pet to have the best life possible.

Their pet insurance, which is not actually a pet insurance but a wellness care program, as they claim it, includes head to tails exams, consultation for proper nutrition, dental care and more. Another good thing about their wellness care program is that they offer free unlimited office visits. This means that you can go to the vet anytime you want and you can avoid the hassle of setting up an appointment. This is also good since there are things that happen when we least expect them to. They also claim that this service is like a discount card with all the free finance options in it. It is also useful in preventive purposes, which is good since prevention is the key to avoiding any accident and illness.

But with a company as big as Banfield, you can avoid some unsatisfied customers. Many holders of Banfield pet insurance cancel their contract because they feel that the hospital is not that good in the field they are in. Some reviews about the hospitals explain why clients of Banfield pet insurance cancel their contract. They say that the hospital is charging too much for the services that they render. Some customers even have some comparison with other hospitals in the same field. Others cancel their contracts due to unsatisfied service of the doctor affiliated with Banfield, which is very important since the reason that they are signing their pet into an insurance policy is to be sure that they will be treated well. But remember that one comment will not suffice to generalize the whole company, so you have to make more serious research before concluding.

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