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Ways in Caring a Depressed Teen

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Among the stages of growing up, undergoing puberty and adolescence seems to be by far the hardest part. Parents and kids don’t agree that much anymore. The “you don’t understand” phrase is frequently heard. Behavioural changes are just lurking in the corner and sometimes, being a parent gets all too tiring to do as a job. There’s no day-offs, no overtime pays, no payments at all, and you get yourself to be the best actor that you can be; juggling around being a nanny, a clown, an administrator, a teacher, a military officer, a cook, and the long list of should-be-yous goes on.

Being a parent is never easy. But what makes it harder is when your young child is now a grownup who needs your supervision and guidance. You have to steer your teen away from bad influences and help them find themselves and identify who they are. But what if you have a depressed teen? Would it be easy to talk to them about it? And how do you approach a teen that is mentally and emotionally vulnerable? As a parent, it’s a must for you to know if you care for the future of your child.

Reading the signs of teen depression

Believe it or not, all people from all walks of life experience the same amount of stress every single day. Young or old and men or women all suffer from stress, anxiety and depression. But teenagers react differently to these things because the pressure brought on them is brought about by the transition that they have to face. Some teens can’t leave their childhood yet while others step into their maturity all too soon. Other kids are just uncertain. Where do I fit? With who do I belong? These questions may all seem too dramatic for you but when it involves your teenage child, expect things to be more complicated. Depression? There may be red flags hanging around already and you might not know about it. So what signs do you look for to know if your teenage kid is depressed? Ask this questions yourself:

You may not be aware of it but if you’re teenage kid is showing most of these signs, then you might want to talk to them seriously. Your teen might be simply “being a teen” as they should be but you don’t know how their actions, behaviours and words can actually be a window to what they are feeling.

How do you make your teen talk?

One of the biggest problems of parents who have depressed teens is getting their teenage kids to talk. More than little kids, teens are unsure of themselves and is still finding their way into all the changes that they have to go through now that they are entering into the first steps of adulthood. Changes, even how little, to their moods, behaviours, personality or usual habits can be telling signs that your teen has a problem and is depressed over it.

But how and why? Your home may be the best home that you can provide for your teen but you can’t always be there for your child especially when he goes outside of your home to play, go to school and meet his friends. You know the problem is there but your child is finding it hard to open up because they think that they all have to think like grownups already and act like grownups. Here are some ways how you can make your teens talk to you.

Talking to your teen about depression

So, you already know the warning signs. Talked to your teenage kid about it and found that the problem sprouted from bullying, being harassed in class or simply because they’re so stressed at school or because a loved one died, or you and your partner suddenly have to file papers for your divorce. All these things are taxing and it’s no wonder that your teen is depressed.

Let your teenage kid know that s/he is not alone. A lot of people in the world are depressed too. But there is always hope and there is always cure. It is not always every day that your day is gloomy and all depressing right? Tell them that if there’s someone who’s the best person to help themselves, it would be them. Help them see the positive side of things. It’s okay to be depressed and sad sometimes but tell them not to let those feelings overcome them. Let them change their lifestyle habits and make it healthier. If the root of their depression involves school, transfer them to another school or talk to school officials to make your teen feel secured. As a parent, it is your most important duty to care for your teen and ensure their safety and good health both physically and mentally. It may not be easy to talk to them and you may have to put up with a lot of work to get your teen back to their good shape but as a parent, seeing your teen happy and lively once more is worth every effort and time spend to make them well.

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