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Trust Corian Worktops

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In a kitchen design, you need to allocate enough space to do your food preparation and find a place to put everything. Without sufficient space, it will be chaotic, messy and this will greatly affect the work flow of the kitchen. You can’t just simply place any kitchen worktops inside the kitchen. You need to make sure it is durable, heat resistance, easy to clean and flexible. There are not a lot of materials that fit all that criteria but the Corian worktops do.

A Corian worktop is made out of acrylic and that makes it every flexible. You can buy any kinds of tables or counter tops for your kitchen and still cover it with the Corian. The materials are very flexible and you can mold it to almost form that you want. The sides and joints are covered up with an adhesive so it looks like your whole kitchen is molded out of a single Corian piece.

The Corian is also very durable at the thickness of 13 millimeter only. It is hard to get any scratches on it unless you deliberately try to ruin the surface. Even when that happens and a scar is formed, the effect is not permanent. You can easily repair the surface and it will look like the scar was never there in the first place. Corian also has a 10 year warranty on itself so this proves the manufacturer’s confidence on its product.

The theme of the kitchen worktops is also very important. A lot of time you have to be very choosy with what you put inside your kitchen so it blends in with the theme of your kitchen. The Corian helps to solve this problem by providing you 100+ colors for you to choose from and they are coming out with new one each and every year.

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