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Travelling Overseas to Teach English

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Teachers seeking to go overseas and teach English can head to places, such as Japan, China, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Italy and Spain, as these are some of the better places to travel. The standard of living in Japan may be high, but due to the recent economic turmoil, many companies have closed down and it is possible to earn a good income and teach there for at least one or two years. The Japanese are very keen on learning to speak English and are therefore willing to pay good amounts to learn the knowledge and be able to master the computers. You can easily pay back your loans or mortgage with the salaries you earn in Japan.

If you are planning to head to Japan, you do not have to possess a TEFL certificate. You need to have a university degree and be able to speak good English to teach there. You are offered a visa sponsorship, national insurance which is partially paid, an apartment where you pay subsidized rent and you will be set up with a bank account.

ESL programs are offered in China as well. You get a decent pay, accommodation and since the cost of living is low, you can live there comfortably. The amount you save may help you to pay back your loans. If you complete a year of teaching, you could even get a job in one of the American companies that are mushrooming in China. The cost of housing, food and amenities are affordable and inexpensive and you could even save enough to purchase a house when you return home. You also stand to gain as you learn a lot from the Chinese people. You could perhaps get yourself a job that pays more once you have taught English for a year.

Opt to travel to Brunei and become an English speaking teacher. Take advantage of their turnkey package which includes tax free income and a country cottage accommodation. Many people head to this scenic island to start their career teaching English and enjoy the tranquility and peace of this small haven.

Teach in Italy or Spain as these are beautiful cities that offer good scope for ESL teachers. You may be able to land yourself a great paying job once you complete a year as a teacher and learn the ropes. You could easily get a job in a Fashion industry in Milan. They hire people who can speak English and work with international designers and models. English is very handy in the tourism industry. The advantage of teaching in Europe is that you can travel every weekend to the nearby countries, which has a lot to offer and experience a new culture.

Since English teachers work for about twenty hours a week, they have a lot of time to travel and visit new places with the money that they earn. There are several factors that one should consider when visiting foreign places. It is no doubt a noble profession when a tutor travels to foreign destinations to teach students English. It is however important to be vigilant and prioritize personal safety issues. Take precautions and ensure that the environment is safe and positive.

The agency through which you are recruited for the job should be able to protect you when you seek a suitable job through them. Make sure therefore that they are reputed and have been in the business for many years. They are generally more trustworthy than fly-by-night operators who have no real standing in the market. The very fact that they have been in the business for a long time is proof that they are an accredited company who can take care of the requirements to help you enjoy a great time teaching English overseas.

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