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Top Ten Gifts Kids Want on Their Birthday

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Birthdays are exciting times for children. These days, there are so may gifts to choose that sometimes parents have hard time making a decision on what to buy. The top ten gifts kids want on their birthday also depend on their age, interests and, of course, your budget. Here are a few ideas of the top ten gifts kids want on their birthday.

1. Books may be among the top ten gifts kids want on their birthday. Younger children from four to seven usually like easy-to-read books with pictures. Children form ages 8-11 may prefer short action or mystery books.

2. Board games make excellent gifts. They teach children to take turns, follow rules, and make decisions. There are games for every age group. “Monopoly Jr“, “Connect Four“, “Life” can be played by all ages.

3. Classic movies never go out of style. Many are family movies that can be viewed by all. They can watch it when their friends come over.

4. Is your child into building things? If so, a tool kit lets them work alongside you.

5. If your child is into nature, a garden kit may be the best top ten gift kids want for their birthday. Put together two small pots, seeds, and a watering can. They will have hours of fun.

6. Virtual pets are still popular. Your child can take care of a pet without all the mess.

7. A diary or journal is excellent of those who like to write. They can record personal matters without anyone knowing. Personalizing the diary with their name adds a special touch.

8. Do they like to cook? Make them a cookie kit. Fill a basket or container with frozen cookie dough, cookie cutters, sprinkles, and a rolling pin.

9. Make a basket of fun. The items don’t have to be expensive. Fill a basket or other container with silly putty, a yo-yo, water guns, cars for boys, and hair accessories for girls.

10. The best ten gifts kids want for their birthday is attention from you. Plan a day out for just you and your child.

Here are just some gift ideas for your kid’s birthday. As they grow, this will change as more appropriate kind of gifts such as free gift cards or $500 gift card would fit them better.

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  1. Comment by ana

    this is the WORST list ever, kids want iphones, and xBoxes not BOOKS! my daughter cried when I gave her books, and now she hates me. now that i think about it, when i was a kid, i didn’t want books either! seriously guys!

    on February 7, 2013 at 12:06 am
  2. Comment by Carrie

    Your child is a spoiled loser. Have fun with that when she gets older, bigger & more bitchy.

    on January 14, 2016 at 4:46 am