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Tips for your Winter Wedding Centerpieces

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Preparing for a wedding promises to be a herculean task which means you have to find shortcuts without having to sacrifice the quality of the outcome.  One of the most important task when putting a wedding together is deciding on which centerpiece to use. While there are thousands of options, you can easily narrow it down by choosing season appropriate themes such as summer or winter weddings.

For winter nuptials, go can go several ways, one of which is to embrace the prevailing colors of the season.  Here are some of the choices you should seriously consider:

Red Roses on Frosted Crystal Bowls

Roses make for a classic and excellent centerpiece since they are easily accessible.  In addition, roses are relatively cheaper than other wedding flowers.  The frosted crystal bowls lend a touch of winter theme which is rather fitting and proper for the occasion.  There are two ways to present the centerpieces, one is to use the flowers sans the stems or detach all the petals and simply fill the bowls to the brim.

Scented Green Pillar Candles (with or without a matching wreath)

Candles never fail to achieve a very elegant mood regardless of the occasion.  Green is a very symbolic color, both in the context of weddings and winter and choosing the right scent such as mint or eucalyptus would complete the theme.  You may also opt to use a wreath around the candles or leave the pillars standing free.


Choosing the best wedding centerpieces would entail entertaining ideas outside the box.  If you are looking for something that is more inventive, edible winter wedding centerpieces are among the top choices.  Decorated gingerbread houses or miniature fruitcakes are just some of the edible centerpieces that will certainly please the guests.  Whichever one you choose, it should reflect the theme of the wedding and fit the allocated budget.

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