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Tips For Buying Softball Pitching Machines

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Softball pitching machines are commonly used to help softball players perfect hitting a ball with their softball bat and to teach players how to hit balls coming at them at different speeds and from different angles. There are wide variety of softball pitching machines available with some more suited to home backyard use while others are used by professionals.

What A Softball Pitching Machine Should Do

The first thing to ensure is that you get an actual pitching machine and not one that just tosses balls out. Ideally, the machine should be able to adjust its speed ranging from a slow speed of around 15 mph to a faster speed of up to 55 mph. A softball pitching machine should also pitch underhand balls including those that rise and drop.

Top Brands

There are several top brands of pitching machines available including those made by ATEC, Jugs, Trend Sports and Franklin. ATEC pitching machines range from those that are expensive and high end to smaller models that are suitable for family use. Many of them are combined softball and baseball pitching machines; they sell for around $350. If you want a really high end machine you should expect to pay anywhere up to $3000. Jug’s softball pitching machines are similarly priced. For example the cheapest model, the Jugs Lite-Flite machine costs around $300.

Buying New Or Used Machines

Generally speaking, if you can afford it you should buy a new softball pitching machine. The main reason for this is that because of the mechanical parts in the machine they do tend to wear out with repeated use and this can affect their accuracy and precision. So, unless you are sure that the pitching machine is in very good condition you probably should be prepared to buy a new one instead.

Where To Buy Them

Tennis ball machines, items are fairly easy to pick up online either from stores such as Amazon or from sports stores. In fact, you can usually buy them anywhere that regular softball equipment and clothing is sold. If you are looking at a more professional model you may want to buy from a local sports store where you can try it out before hand.

In summary, you should look at paying around $300 for a brand-new softball pitching machine. It is recommended that you try to buy a new one rather than buying a used one. If you want to buy used baseball pitching machines, or softball machines you can often find them at garage sales or at a local youth sporting goods store where you can find diadora soccer backpacks too.

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