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Three Different Ways to Consider Astrological Compatibility

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Astrological Compatibility can be a fun and engaging topic.  It is something to be considered not only among lovers or potential paramours but can be applied to friends co-workers and challenging bosses. There are many ways to consider the subject of astrological compatibility.  There are several major systems of astrology and you must decide if you are going to look at it from a Western, an Eastern, or a Chinese perspective.  Each system has insights to bring to the puzzle.  Each system calculates compatiblity based on birth chart data calculated by the stars that were in place around the earth on the day you were born.

The western system breaks birthdays into twelve signs.  Each of the twelve signs last about a month but do not fall directly on the first of our months so you must consult an astrological guide for the correct sign of your birth.  Once your sun sign is calculated the progression of your cart through all the other houses is calculated and quantified.  The same is done for the person you are trying to achieve compatibility with.

In the Vedic astrological system at least 8 different aspects of personality are calculated.  Those aspects are related to each other’s birth chart and a numerical value of potential compatibility is calculated.  It is a very interesting system and can create good insights.

In Chinese astrology there are also 12 signs but the signs only change once a year.  The chinese astrological system assigns an animal to each sign and every person born during the ‘year of the snake’ is a snake for instance.  You can tell this is a culture that doesn’t get in a hurry and definitely takes the long view.

Regardless of which way you calculate astrological compatibility I hope you have many friends, lovers and interested parties with which to share your self.

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