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Things to know about vintage charm bracelets

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If you think that  charm bracelets are a recent fad you should know that people have been actually wearing them since the Neolithic, in Europe a charm bracelet was found that can be dated to 10, 000 years ago! But these  charms were mainly made of  animal bone fragments and pieces of rock, it might have been  the Egyptians who started to include carved and much more precious objects in their bracelets.
Charm bracelets  had several objectives:
charms were treated like amulets used to bring good luck or deter misfortune, they were a way to show off rank and status or that the wearer belong to some esclusive clan, the wearer could collect small items that were meaningful to them. As you can imagine all of the above were particularly important when someone was at war or at sea for a long time, not only it was necessary to keep tokens from home and loved ones, but charm bracelets were a way to keep some identity and individuality and also people felt important to wear something supposed to keep them safe.

It  was Queen Victoria who  loved charm bracelets  so much and started the fashion among well to do women, therefore if you are looking for antique charm bracelets you should find some 19th century ones. In the 20th century they went in and out of fashion, for instance, in  the 1970s they were not trendy while in the 1980s men and women started to view vintage charm bracelets with a keener eye. Since then there have been  new developments in charm bracelets, for example, the Pandora bracelets, the Italian charm bracelets as well as the bracelets inspired by the  ‘Pirates in the Caribbean’ series of movies. You will be able to find vintage charm bracelets on the internet but you will also find that lots of stuff labelled  vintage goes only back to the 1980s and 1990s, as is also the case with vintage earrings. Antique shops and eBay might be good sources if you are looking for something a bit older than that.

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