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The Wedding Dress and Your Perfect Ivory Wedding Shoes

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The most popular and wearable shoes to have on any style of wedding dress are the ivory wedding shoes.  Whether you opt for the traditional wedding dress made of lace or the latest trend of bridal couture on the runways, the ivory wedding shoes doesn’t take the attention meant for the gown. Ivory has been a popular wedding shoes color for the bride in these recent years since the ivory wedding gowns are increasing in demand as well.

One advantage with ivory shoes is that you can have them dyed in black and other colors. And so you can wear the shoes for an evening wedding or when you head out of town for a night out.  Usually, there are no restocking fees needed if you wish to return the shoes as ivory prevails as a popular color.

Since this is the most popular bridal shoe color, ivory shoes come in a variety of styles from classic pumps, sling backs, mules, peep toes, flat sandals to a more formal style of flip flops for an ultimate comfort preferred by the laid back bride.  New trends in footwear for the brides mirror what is going on in street fashion.  There are now platform shoes for the fashionable bride who has taken such idea from Sex and the City.  For a Caribbean wedding, the flat sandals are also available in white or ivory satin.

Since you have picked your color, here are some guidelines that can help you find that perfect pair to complement your dress. First, where will you have your wedding? If you want it outdoors, flat sandals or flip flops are far better than stilettos if you will be walking on sand.  There are low heeled shoes designed for the modern bride and the feared dullness matters only in the past.

If you go for the church wedding, you can choose a pair of high heeled wedding shoes for the ceremony and put on a different pair with lower heels on the reception. Keep it in mind that comfort is not possible if you will be standing for almost three hours.  If this is what’s going to happen, you’d rather get a set of cushions for your shoes.

Plan ahead when will you be shopping for your shoes. The months in spring and summer offer several available shoes, however, most brides shop for shoes on the last minute and are getting a poor pair of shoes.  To avoid such disappointment, buy early in the season.  The length of the wedding dress is determined by the height of the heels.  Most bridal dresses including ivory wedding dresses, are made for women with model height wearing heels so you should be prepared for any changes. Your gown will need to be adjusted if you plan to wear flat shoes.

The last consideration for your shoes’ heel height is the height of your fiancé and your height as well.  The low heels are the best choice if you and your partner are of the same height.  If he is taller, high heels are something to go for to minimize the gap.  Planning ahead for your special day can guarantee a wide choice of shoes in the trendiest color for the brides, comfort and sophistication as you prepare for your bridal march.

Bridal shoes are important as they add to the beauty of the bride’s wedding outfit.  Pumps, slides, and ankle-strap sandals are the most common bridal shoe styles, and the most popular are those in ivory.  Step out in style and make a remarkable fashion statement with these classic and stylish shoes that are gorgeous for your most-awaited day or any other occasion.  Also, you can cut cost and still choose the best from the wide selection of bridal shoes through online shopping.

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