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The Utility of Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor lighting is an important part of any home, office, or any other commercial establishment, and it’s not just because of the illumination it brings during the night. Outdoor lights can add depth to the style and design of any outdoor area, whether it be a lawn, a park, or a garden. In fact, one properly placed and designed garden light could spell the difference between a garden just being a well lit area, and being an attractive space with nice ambience.

Landscape designers, architects, and builders greatly consider the look and design of the outdoor lighting system they need to install before even laying down the first brick. Normally, the design of the outdoor lights depends on the design of the main building, however this isn’t always the case. There are cases wherein the style of the whole outdoor lighting system is totally different, so that when nighttime comes, and the lights go on, the area looks totally different.

But achieving this wasn’t so easy before as it is now. In the early days of electrical outdoor lighting, the area that could be covered by lights was usually dictated by the proximity to the main power source. Once it gets too far from the main building, the cost of running wires and the power consumed increases, overall increasing costs. Advances in technology have slowly reduced this problem by having more energy efficient lights, and better electrical and power saving systems.

These days, most gardens, especially those that are looking to be eco friendly and green, have solar lights installed instead of normal outdoor lights. These solar lights are advanced devices, able to absorb the sun’s energy during the day, to use for illumination at night. In addition, to be efficient, they are also sometimes equipped with their own individual clocks and chips that enable them to turn on and off on their own, depending on the time of day, and the amount of ambient light present.

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