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The Story Behind Halloween Costumes

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Halloween used to be the kid’s favorite holiday, but these days it seems the grown ups are having just as much fun as the tykes. Kids might love all the candy, but adults just enjoy having the opportunity to dress up in costumes and party – because let’s face it, as adults, we really don’t get that many opportunities to dress up in ghost, witch or swashbuckler costumes!

But why is it that we associate Halloween with costumes and creepy decorations? What’s the connection between October 31st and ghosts, goblins and other scary stuff?

It seems that it all goes back to ancient pagan rituals. It was believed that at this time of the year, the “door” between the living and the dead became weakened, and the souls of the departed could pass over into the land of the living. Now it was assumed that not all these spirits were of the friendly variety and there was some fear that they may try to do some harm upon people they came across, out of revenge or just spite.

To protect themselves, the people would dress up in the scariest outfits they could fashion and parade through the streets, trying to out-scare the scary evil spirits! On a similar note, they would decorate their houses in an effort to keep the departed souls away; this is why you’ll see Jack O’Lanterns propped up around houses to this day.

Of course, these days Halloween isn’t all about being scary. ¬†While witches, zombies and other species of scary monsters are still around, many of the most popular costumes you’ll see out and about are based on characters from movies, books and TV shows. For every person you see dressed as a mummy, you’ll see a few more dressed in a Harry Potter or Captain Hook costume.

So this year, don’t let the kids have all the fun! Get into the Halloween “spirit” and stir up some spooky good times of your own!

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