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The SEO Partner and Basic Internet Marketing

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In today’s modern economy, it is extremely important that businesses are available on the internet through social media networks, search engine results, and even an official company website. For today’s consumer, it is now common practice to research the products or services that they are planning on purchasing, before they buy. This makes it easier for consumers to pick the best products and services for their individual needs. However, it also makes it more difficult for businesses, because they will need to be more readily available through internet searches than their competitors. This is why many companies seek the help of internet marketing companies to elevate their search engine rankings and bring additional traffic to their site.

Most internet marketing companies now agree that the most potent force in the industry is Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of increasing a website’s rankings in Google search results for specific, target keywords and phrases. For instance, if a website provides a variety of products and services related to the gift card industry, such as personalized cards, gift card sets, and even e-cards, they will want to rank highly in Google for these keywords!

This way, when interested consumer search for these terms, the gift card website will be one of the first sites to be listed. However, while this is definitely a must-have marketing technique for businesses in all industries, there is often great competition amongst retailers for keywords. This is why it is essential that companies seek the help of a professional SEO partner. An SEO partner will help businesses of all shapes and sizes find the optimal keywords for their SEO marketing campaign. First, the SEO partner will evaluate the search queries that are leading visitors to this company’s website.

This is a good indicator of how the company’s website ranks for certain keyword phrases! Then, evaluating the industry and associated keywords, the SEO partner will develop a strategic marketing campaign geared towards these phrases. This must be done carefully, for if the keywords that are marketed are too competitive, there is little likelihood that the business will get their website ranked on the first page of Google. However, if the phrases are low competition, they are likely to not be as popular with consumers and may not result in a great increase in traffic to the company’s website. In order to increase a company’s website for certain keyword phrases, the SEO partner will follow a variety of marketing strategies.

First, the company’s website itself must be optimized for the keywords! This includes adjusting the meta tags, page titles, page description, and even internal site structure. When Google crawls web pages in search of relevant, interesting content, it gives precedence to those websites that have their internal structure laid out correctly!

Next, the SEO must begin marketing the keywords through web content and inbound links. The more content a website has about a certain topic and that mentions the targeted keywords frequently, the higher Google will rank that page for the search phrases.

Therefore, the SEO partner will likely help the business owner create a company blog and start producing new content on the desired subjects once each business day.

The last phase of SEO marketing is inbound links. The more inbound links that a website has from other places on the internet, besides social media profiles, the better rankings it will receive in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Inbound links can be created by purchasing ad space on other websites, inviting bloggers to do spotlights or giveaways for their readers, or by conversing with other industry professionals through comments and message boards.

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