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The Secret To A Hands Free Cleaning

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If you are a busy person who have to attend a lot of things simultaneously because there are no other person who can do them best but you, the Bisell SpotBot Hands-Free Compact Deep Cleaner, 1200-B can help you save time and effort. This carpet cleaning machine is as easy as ABC because it is done by powering it on and then it cleans.

The performance of this carpet cleaning machine is outstanding over other steam cleaners for carpet based on testimonies and on its special features that no other has. Being someone who has to multi task everyday or most of the days is suitable with this machine hence it can provide excellent job and assures that your carpet is cleaned spot-free—even the oldest stains you can ever imagine.

Using the SpotBot is remarkable for its user friendly technology as well as for its proven results of removing tough stains. Certain stains are best removed by this cleaner such as the following examples, but not limited to, are fruit juices, wines, pets stains, coffee, and the like. But for a better result, please select on the SpotBot the type of stain and please check the carpet’s cleaning instructions—such as on what treatment solutions are allowable. Generally, it is any safe for all carpet types.

Pre-programmed cleaning on your SpotBot definitely helps you work on other tasks, all you have to do is fill in the cleaning solution (or the detergent and water, or other solution), select the type of stain it has to work on, turn on the button after placement to the target area and now your set to leave for your other work to be done. It can be set too at a specified time frame and right after that you can go back to see the results.

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