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The Purpose of the Hood in Baja Hoodies

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Ever thought where hoodies got its name? The answer is already right in front of you and it is very obvious, it is because of the hood. This is the very special feature of this type of clothing. Originally hoodies where designed to fight off cold temperature, the design of the clothing is proof to this application. It is know that it was first used by laborers working in very cold conditions; they are the one who first availed of the comfort a hoodie bring.

Many are also curious what is the purpose of the hood on hoodies? This is a very interesting question because we have known hoodies all of our life and we did not even question this. The answer for such question is not that hard to get, all the answers that you need is very evident.

The hood is a very special feature of the baja hoodie, it is commonly used to protect the head from cold temperature, the head is very vulnerable to cold temperature and it needs something to protect it. The design of the hood is very ideal, it protects the head from cold temperature without hindering the sight of the one who is wearing it, and the hood does not cover the face that is why it is very comfortable to wear. The opening of the hood can also be adjusted, depending on the requirement of the one who is wearing it, hoodies opening are commonly adjusted to a much narrower one so that the face can be protected, especially at snowy weather. A baja pullover also has a hood.

Hoodies won’t be complete without the hood, it is the one that makes it unique from other form of clothing, it has been the symbol of the hoodie itself, and it won’t be a hoodie unless it has the hood they come as a package.

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