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The Pimp Baja Hoodie

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Hoodies have been a fashion statement for various groups, we all know that certain type of hoodie which are quite prominent for the hippies, these are the baja hoodies which are also known as drugs rugs because of its recent acquaintance with the hippies.

Hoodies are also very popular apparel for people who are acquainted with extreme sports such as skateboarding and BMX riding. These are the individuals who are quite fond of using hoodies while they are playing their favorite extreme sports.

But it cannot be denied that one of the most popular groups which greatly utilize such type of clothing is the pimps. The wearing of such type of apparel is popularized by hip hop artist like Nelly, Fat Joe, Cypress Hill, and other artist as well. They because very popular for pimp nowadays.

The demand for hoodies by these certain sector gave way to the type of hoodies which are specifically designed for this certain sector of the society. One can notice the big difference between the ordinary type of hoodies and the one which are made for the pimps.

Pimp hoodies have very unique and limited features for the pimps. Since pimps are quite fond of wearing loss clothing hoodies are also designed in this certain manner. One may notice that such clothing are quite ideal for pimps because of the size and it looseness. They also favor the large hood because it suits the purpose of anonymity.

The designs are also one of the features of most hoodies for the pimps these days. Bold designs are quite prominent with hoodies which are used by the pimps; there are also hoodies that are made to match certain accessories which are also prominently used by pimp. Indeed Hoodies are used by various groups because of its versatility and function.

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