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The New Designs of Contacts made for People with Astigmatism

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The types of contact lenses available for people to wear today are made to be worn for longer periods of time than those from a few years ago. In the past these items needed to be removed every night and placed in a cleaning solution to remove and particles or bacteria that would make the item harmful for placing in the eye. The new chemicals used to create contacts today have them as soft gas permeable items the individual wears for a week to a month before removing. You can even purchase these items in packages made to supply you with enough lenses for an entire year.

You can find yearly toric contact lenses replacement packs available through several online merchants. These come in both daily and extended wear styles and are available in an assortment of different types to correct different curvatures of the eye. The Torisoft lenses are made to help correct the vision of people who have astigmatism. The Freshlook brand comes in assorted colors so you can change or accentuate your own eye color. The toric lenses are priced differently according to how the particular item is made. These prices range from forty dollars to one hundred and sixty depending on the style and number of lenses included in the package.

The advantage of choosing disposable contacts is the reduced risk of getting an eye infection. This was a drawback to wearing these items in the past, which has been improved on with today’s advanced technology. The creation of toric lenses is also an advance over the styles available in years past, which did not include products for people with astigmatism problems. This particular curvature is usually found in only one of the eyes, which made it difficult to correct in the past. Today, you can even get corrective lenses as bifocal styles if this is what your prescription calls for.

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