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The Marks of a Great Full-Time MBA Program

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As the world changes and society progresses, the way business is handled changes as well. Practices considered favorable a decade ago are quickly losing popularity to methods and ideas that are more ethical and more sustainable. Business is no longer solely about profits and investors; it is about community involvement, environmental responsibility, and sustainable practices. Due to the fact that business is changing, business education needs to change as well. The very best programs of today, like the Denver University full-time MBA program, prepare you today by addressing the needs of tomorrow.

Know Your World

You are probably well aware of the global nature of the market in this day and age. Even in the off chance that you never have to leave the country, you will almost certainly be working with employees, affiliates, and clients from around the world. While it isn’t necessary to become fluent in multiple languages in order to conduct international business, it is necessary to understand and be compassionate to other cultures. No MBA program would be successful without teaching its students how to navigate this complex world. As you consider various MBA programs, be sure that the core curriculum incorporates and emphasizes global and intercultural competence.

Programs that teach intercultural competence should emphasize the following four areas:

  1. Becoming aware of your own cultural paradigms and world views
  2. Becoming aware of how you react to cultural differences
  3. Becoming knowledgeable about different cultural practices
  4. Becoming competent in your practice of cross-cultural skills

Work for the Environment

Other classes that will prove valuable to you have to do with business and the environment. More and more often, businesses are using their relationship with the environment to sell their product or service. The public wants to support companies that put money and effort into green initiatives and sustainability. The more you know about how to manage waste, resources, and energy, the more valuable you will be to employers as they try to change their practices to boost their PR ratings. Hand in hand with green marketing is the issue of ethics. While it is wise for green companies to market themselves as such to the public, misleading the public about the extent to which you are green will end up costing you in the long run. Before you begin marketing the message, make sure your house is in order.

Know Your Technology

Perhaps the third most important aspect of a great MBA program is one that focuses on information technology. This is not the future of business, it is the now of business. If you are behind in the various technologies used in the business world, getting and keeping a job will be much harder than you realize. In order to be effective in business, you must be familiar with the ins and outs of social media, finance programs and software, video conferencing, and a whole host of other, indispensable technology-driven assets. As you visit and interview various schools, make sure they, like theDenver University full-time MBAprogram, have professors who are familiar with the latest technologies in business.

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