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The Marble Shower Base

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The shower base in your bathroom says a great deal about your home in general and leaving good impression here will go a long way. The shower base is also the very foundation for your shower and you want it to be as functional as possible. The best choice then will have to be a marble shower base. Why marble? Well a marble shower base has the stamp of royalty and is one of the strongest minerals we know of. Marble shower bases can do a lot for your bathroom

In the first place marble is one of the most distinctly decorative of minerals. It is commonly used through the house for mantels, counters and even flooring. You can find marble in a wide variety of colors and in fact the more colors marble has the stronger it is. Single color marbles are generally not as strong although they are less expensive. There are also several different finishes to marble to give you even more choice. There is a high gloss, medium gloss or flat.

Marble is also known for its ability to repel water. A marble shower base is very dense material and with a high gloss it is nearly impervious to water. It will not absorb liquids at all unless they have a much higher viscosity than anything you are likely to have in the bathroom you will not have a problem with leaks around your shower base.

This material has to be kept clean just like any other however. Regular cleaning with soap, water and disinfectants is still needed and you can buy marble cleaners and putties to help you restore any fading spots on the marble. Well cared for marble shower bases will last many generations and will always maintain their class and elegance. Take some measurement and go to your local home improvement store and see how they will look in your home.

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