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The Joy Of Excalibur Crossbows

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Many competition shooters and crossbow hunters from all of the world have had their faces lit up, thanks to Excalibur crossbows, since 1983. In fact, the National United States crossbow champion on has been using Excalibur crossbows for over 8 years. And so has, for the past 6 years, the Canadian 3-D champion.Quality is the primary focus with which these balls are built.

There are two things that these crossbows are about; parts made to the highest standards ,all fitted with precision to create a high-quality crossbows. The limb units, the trigger and the mainframe are made by precision machines in every Excalibur crossbow produced. How does this relate to you? When you pull the trigger it is now much smoother resulting in very little movement when you shoot. You get the maximum amount of power with expertly crafted limbs with the smallest amount of action and movement possible. The arrows will fly with speed between 250 to 350 ft./s producing less noise when you compare to cross balls made by other manufacturers.

Each Excalibur crossbow is manufactured from advanced composites. There are two main reasons why these materials are used. The first one is the reduction of the bow’s weight allowing transportation to be easier as well as reducing stress when you use it for longer periods. It is also specially crafted with extremely strong material is to endure extreme outdoor use.

To further entice you, there are some guarantees that crossbows come with. First of all, the manufacturer guarantees them for a full five-year period, making it one of the longest guarantee periods can get. Excalibur believes in the product so much that no matter how you use it they are going to back it up. Secondly, you are guaranteed that every cross ball made by them, at 25 feet will have a 3″ spread.

Simply put, Excalibur crossbows are engineered to let you enjoy the sport in a way that you truly deserve.

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