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The Dream Yoga Job

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The ideal yoga job of an imagined, ideal future is already on it’s way. Not limited by the constraints time and space, yoga teachers around the world will soon be capable of teaching from any corner of the globe, thanks to the wonders of contemporary technology.

Ever fantasized about living at a cheap tropical resort during the off season, teaching a couple of classes at a local yoga studio but continuing to pull in a full time salary like you did back home? Ever dreamed of moving to a tiny mountain hamlet that has no market for a yoga teacher, but continue to teach yoga classes on a full time schedule? This is the dream yoga job of the future — and it’s almost here.

How can this utopian vision this be achieved? The answer is simple — online yoga classes.

Broadband net access has reached the most remote areas of the planet. Couple this with advanced video conferencing technology that is improving to the point where providing yoga classes online will soon become a real possibility.

In the past, web cam experiences have been rather disappointing, owing to cheap cameras with low quality video and sound. But that’s all changing as many new web cams recently released now provide amazing HD quality video with microphones that sound so good it almost feels like you’re in the same room. Match up these new cameras to cutting-edge streaming video and soon a solution will emerge to let yoga teachers create their own personalized schedules, teaching from anywhere their laptop is.

Visualize teaching classes in a tropical resort for a few months at a time, creating a following with students from around the globe that will later connect through the net from their computers back home. This visions is the evolution of yoga fitness training and it’s coming soon. Freed from limits of time and space, a new generation of innovate yoga teachers will soon offer classes from anywhere they want… teaching yoga on their schedule, from wherever they choose.

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