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The Drawbacks of a Biometric and Small Gun Safe

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What could every go wrong with a small gun safe which uses biometrics for its access system? You would not know the real score behind it unless you encounter a problem with this gun safe. Yes, a biometric gun safe gives access to you only but then there are some disadvantages to it just like in any product.

A handgun safe is usually just used for the short term. The only thing constant is change. One day you will tell yourself that you will never own more than one gun and the next day you come to realize that you need another one for your spouse of your child. Having a small gun safe does not give you the option to store many guns in the future.

For the access part of it, sometimes you badly need to have the safe opened but since you are the only authorized user you cannot even have your wife open it for you. In cases of emergency; like a threat to the life of your family and you are not at home; your wife cannot open your gun safe to get the gun because only your finger print is configured and programmed in the access system of your safe.

This might be some of the disadvantages of the small biometric gun safe but there are solutions to this. For extra space, do not go for a tiny safe. Get a small safe that can house up to 3 hand held guns. For the biometric lock, some locks can now be programmed to have 2-4 authorized users. You can have your wife’s thumb mark to be read by the system in order for access to be allowed for her as well.

Biometric safes are not cheap so make sure that you get everything that you are paying for.

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