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The Different Types of Alicante Hotels

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The Costa Blanca has become known throughout the different parts of the globe as a place to visit. This is now one of the major tourist destinations in Spain and the flourishing industry in this region has contributed to the popularity of the city of Alicante especially is receiving. One of the things that is contributing to the growth in tourism industry is the amount of hotels, both old and new, that are available in the city. And this is not only happening in this city but is also a common occurrence in many other different cities near Alicante and in the whole Costa Blanca.

What are the Star ratings for hotels? This is the basis for classifying the amenities and comfort levels offered by individual hotels. Alicante hotels are classified according to this – the luxury five star hotels down to the budget two stars. In between these extreme classifications are the four and three stars. But then, even if a guest in this city stays in one of the budget hotel, his stay in this paradise-like city will never be adversely affected .These hotels should be able to offer the basic amenities for a comfortable stay.

The affordability of an accommodation is one of the reasons why backpackers choose to stay in two star hotels in Alicante. For these hotels are equipped with different basic amenities which are enough– the air-conditioning unit and the private bathrooms which are present in more expensive hotels, the satellite television and telephone lines.

Two star and luxury star hotels – in what ways do they differ? The biggest distinction between these two is in the room decor which in a luxury hotel is really characterized by lavishness. The cheaper hotels usually only have simple furnishings. However, a hotel amenity that is normally present in both is an in-house restaurant. So even with cheap accommodation, a guest will always be able to get a meal.

What can be said about the three star hotels? These are better versions – more lavishly decorated. Upgrading the cheaper accommodations, you will end up with the three stars. Decoration is one difference because these upgraded hotel types are a little more lavish in adornments than those of the cheaper ones. The more expensive rooms such as are in the three star hotels are also equipped with satellite televisions, phones, private bathrooms and an additional mini bar.

Looking from the outside, the architectural designs of any five star hotels show a big difference – usually characterized as being built or restructured with the help of veteran architects. Going into these hotels, you will notice that the decorations of the hotel lounge are extremely beautiful. The lavish decorations extend also to the guest rooms. The room amenities, although present in the cheaper hotel types, have some difference. An example of the better class facilities that you can get in five-star hotels is the television and entertainment equipment. In most five-star hotels, this equipment would be the later models with LCD monitor and HDMI video and audio capabilities. There is also additional equipment installed such as DVD player and mini bar.

Hotel amenities in the luxury hotels (hoteles Alicante de cinco estrellas) are way over those that are offered at the budget end of the market. Although there may be restaurants in these lower end accommodations, the restaurants in the higher end are as lavishly done as the rest of the hotel. In addition is the employment of top-class chefs that I always going to prepare the more tastier and gourmet meals. Other amenities are of these hotels include an excellent bar, swimming pools and fitness centres, which may also be in the facilities of the four star hotels but benefits will be at a lesser degree.

No matter how much of a budget is set for your hotels, any tourist in Costa Blanca can enjoy his or her holiday because of the wide variety of Alicante hotels. Even budget tourists staying in budget hotels can have a wonderful time. And those with more money to spend can have a taste of the lavish facilities of the luxury hotels. It is true that aside from airfare, hotel room expenses always takes a big portion of the budget but nonetheless, the Costa Blanca is worth it.

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