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The Best Red Wines To Entertain The Palate

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If you love great red wines but have never had a chance to taste a Pinot Noir, you are really missing out. It is one of those wines that stand out from the crowd. Until recently, though, Pinot Noir was one of those lesser known wines in the U.S. One of the biggest reasons for the wine taking a while to catch the eye of wine enthusiasts is simply that there are far fewer of the Pinot Noir wines than there are other red wines like Merlot. It is much more difficult to grow a Pinot that it is to grow the grapes needed for Merlot. But, believe me, the effort pays off and you will be willing to pay for that extra effort as you will soon see.

Besides Burgundy, France and a few places in California, there are few places on earth that are able to sustain the grape. One of those places that will sustain Pinot Noir is Santa Ynez, California. Pinot Noir grows there very, very well. But growing the grape and getting it to survive is one thing and making a magnificent wine out of it is another story altogether. Chris Stanton of Sobriquet Winery has the skill to make a great Pinot Noir and he has proven it with his 2009 Pinot Noir over and over again. The wine was rated 93 points from Wine Enthusiast and has won the Bronze Medal in the San Francisco International Wine Competition.

So, if you are looking for the best red wines, try a Sobriquet Winery 2009 Pinot Noir. And if you are looking for the best Pinot Noir you can find and you are unfortunately not able to travel to a Solvang winery or a tasting room in Los Olivos or Solvang in the valley of Santa Ynez, California then I would recommend visiting the website of Sobriquet Winery as the next best thing. You will find other great wines on their winery’s website. Each of these is equally capable to satisfy and entertain the wine palate. It is truly a wine tasting experience like no other. Enjoy!

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