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The Benefits of a Berkey Water Filter

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Clean and pure drinking water is an essential part of good health, but high quality water can be difficult to find. Water filters vary in both cost and quality. If you are truly looking to have the best water available, then purchase a high quality water filtration system that will remove all contaminants. Berkey has created the Black Berkey purification element which provides powerful water filtration.

The fact that it is one of the most powerful water purification systems on the market has made it a popular choice among consumers. The berkey water filter removes a large variety of harmful contaminants leaving you with a crystal clear drinking water. Not only does it successfully remove dangerous heavy metals like mercury and lead, but it also removes pathogenic bacteria, parasites and cysts. The Berkey water filter system is so effective it can to turn chlorinated pool water into pure water.

Berkey purification systems successfully purify water without removing the beneficial minerals, which is perfect for those who prefer drinking water that contains natural minerals. Berkey water systems are a terrific choice for both people in residential areas as well as those who are in rural areas who rely on well water. They can be used along with a water softener unit, but it is not recommended as it will likely shorten the life of your filtration system. Consumers can choose from a variety of different Berkey models.

The Berkey Light water filter system weighs less than the stainless steel model and is intended for outdoor use. The durable stainless steel Travel Berkey is small enough to fit inside a travel bag. The Big Berkey system is a versatile product that suits mid-sized families. It can be used at home, while traveling and it is perfect for camping. It can also be used in an emergency situation. Berkey water purification systems vary in price, and you will likely find the lowest prices on Berkey sytems by shopping online.

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