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The Basics of Flea Bombs

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Flea bombs work by spraying a dense cloud of insecticide which quickly kill adult fleas and other insects. They are also called flea foggers. Flea bombs are products used on the environment and not on the animal. A flea bomb is relatively easy to use. However, you, your children as well as your pets must leave the home for a few hours. If a flea bomb does not work, it is probably because only a few bombs were used in a relatively large area or the fleas have built up resistance to that particular insecticide.

Flea bombs are very effective to rid your house of fleas. Fleas are a virulent pest. These are parasites that live off mammals, including humans, and also birds. It penetrates the skin of the host and gains nutrients by feeding on blood. Flea bombs disperse insecticide as a fine-particle aerosol over a wide area. Floors, furniture and draperies are treated all at once by the insecticide. These bombs leave some sort of residue which is supposed to prevent flea infestations for several months, usually around 6 months. These also kill cockroaches, silverfish, ants and other nuisance insects.

Before using a flea bomb, it is a good idea that you prepare your home. This means removing all your utensils and dishes or taping the cabinets shut. Move furniture to non-carpeted areas so that the carpet below them will be exposed to the flea bomb. Take your pets to the groomer for a flea bath while the house is being fogged. It would be useless to bomb the house because your pets might still carry them right back into the house. Remember to set the flea bomb in the middle of the room that you are fogging. Then, close the windows of the house to keep the chemical within the premises. You may enter your house after the time has lapsed. Open all windows and turn on the fans to ventilate the house. Wash all your beddings as well as your dishes before using them.

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