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The Appeal of Walk-In Shower Ideas

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What is the appeal of the walk-in shower? From an untrained observer’s point of view, it is merely a shower kit without a door, or a shower area through a set of tempered walls. The design of the walk in shower is meant to prevent the water from splashing to the other parts of the bathroom. Apart from that, the set up allows people to walk freely through the shower are despite the possibility of someone still using it. Why does this simple design have many staunch supporters and patrons?

It is plausible to believe that people like the design of the walk in shower because it is a break from the normal format of shower set-ups. When people think of or refer to showers, they imagine four corners of a dividing material with a contraption that can be manipulated, allowing a path to either be opened or closed through the shower area to the rest of the bathroom. The walk in shower is a break from that norm and a refreshing change in modern bathroom design.

From a more symbolic point of view, the semiotics behind the design of the walk in shower suggests a more liberal and open-minded outlook, especially on the part of the person who constructed and/or continually uses it. The walk-in shower ideas, which it implicitly declares, find favor with the relatively younger generation who can identify with its hidden message.

Lastly, the most underhanded and practical reason behind the popularity of the walk in shower is due to the fact that it is the easiest to set up of all known shower systems. Unlike your normal shower kits wherein the four corners have to be held together by countless of screws and some adhesive, a walk in shower can be assembled through simpler or less complicated means.

It comes as a fact that simple and accessible designs usually turn out to be considered as classics. The walk in shower is an example of this because it transcends time and remains applicable to different people despite being from different generations.

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