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Sterling Silver Charms Are Still Popular

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Charm bracelets have been used by many different cultures for many hundreds, even thousands of years. Examples of charms can be found from the Orient to the Roman and Egyptian Empires but the common origin of charms seems to be the north western section of Europe where the Germans, Gaul’s and Celts used them to signify good luck. The original word charm actually comes from an old French word that means to pray through incantation. This means that the original charms were used for religious services. That word actually comes from a much older Latin word that means to chant to invoke power. The user held a certain charm and chanted an incantation to appeal to the Gods for better luck or general good fortune. It is a good bet that the first ideal for the Catholic Rosary came from the idea of charms.

While charms are made of many different types of materials, from gold and silver to such exotic materials as special woods or even coral and animal parts like teeth and claws, the most popular material is by far sterling silver. Sterling silver charms are very popular in Europe and are worn by people from all walks of life, from wealthy jet-setters to street vendors on the boulevards of Milan and Monaco. Some of the best sterling silver charms come from Italy and southern France.

These charms can be used on bracelets, necklaces and even earrings and they can be used to symbolize anything you want them too. Many people use them for religious charms, very similar to the rosary. Charms like the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe (very popular in Mexico) and other saints and religious figures are very popular but many people also like the older charms like animals or clover leafs. Beaded charms are also very popular using such materials as the multi-colored Murano glass, Swarovski Crystal beads.

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