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Starting Work At 15

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Most 15 year olds I know are not interested in any kind of work – but there are some very notable exceptions. Warren Buffett springs to mind as one 15 year old kid who didn’t mind hard work – not the physical type of labor mind you, but the hard work that is required to get your own business up and running. Those of you who are thinking “Yes but that was then…” may be under the impression that those sort of opportunities no longer exist for today’s entrepreneurs, but you would be wrong.

Rather than looking for the standard jobs for 15 year olds – you know, like at fast food joints, paper routes, and other retail jobs – why not look at the option of starting your own business? Before you start saying anything negative, allow me to say that it is possible, and perfectly achievable. And what’s more, these residual income opportunities are found most often online these days. So this means that you can start your own business doing something that you are already super comfortable with – spending time online.

All you have to do is track down a business plan that works, and work it hard. This requires a little dedication, patience and hard work, but there is no reason why you cannot make it. Remember why you are doing something like this and you will find amazing reserves and resources that you never imagined that you had. Starting your own business at the age of 15 or starting working for someone else’s business at 15 – I know what I would prefer.

Just think – at 15 you don’t have many responsibilities in terms of bills, debts, putting food on the table and all those issues that you have when you are just that little bit older. It makes sense to get started now while you have the resources and less pressure to provide income now – you have the time to build your business to something strong and profitable in the long term. Jump at it.

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