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Standing Lamps

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A standing lamp is one that stands on the floor by itself. They are also called floor lamps because of this. If you have not seen one just imagine a table lamp and then magnify it to the size of an average sized person and you will get an idea. This is of course not a true representation of how they look and you get so many different designs to choose from that it will be a good idea to check them out online before you go anywhere to buy them. In fact if you are really interested then this is a good idea because you have the option of looking around and them approaching the manufacturer directly if you see something you like. Not only will you get something that you may not get in your local store, you will also get a discount and considering the cost of some of these lamps this might be quite a bit.

The floor lamp gives you options that you will not get with any other lighting system including table lamps. You can move them around, basically keeping them exactly where you want them. They come with long wires and all you need to do is shove it under the carpeting and you are done hiding the wires. You also get designs that will not look good with other kinds of lamps but are very nice when they come in the large size.

If for example I tell you that you get lamps that are designed after street lamps, you may not be especially attracted to them, but what if the same lamps came with up to five different arms each with a lamp at the end. The possibilities are endless, you could shape them like an open flower, or like a fountain, and if you get tired with one look you just rearrange them the way you would a vase of flowers.

The standing lamps are of course a little on the expensive side and if you are just looking for something that will provide good light there are a number of cheaper options. If on the other hand you want something with style, something that will stand out and hit visitors right in the eye, then these lamps are for you.

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