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Some car costs to consider

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We all have to put up with a number of costs to be a car driver. The costs can vary considerably but there are a number of things we have to pay for. I like to ask myself an important question: “How can I save money on my car?”. This is because the old saying “A penny saved is a penny earned” is more important than ever in these days of financial problems.
So what exactly do we need to pay for?
– Buy the car. At first it seems a sweet deal. After all, the dealer gave us nothing to pay for the first six months and even better, interest free credit. It is only when we start making those repayments that we realize that it is a pricey thing to do buying a new car.
– Pay for gas. This has more than doubled since 2001, in particular due to the bad relations had by oil producing countries like Russia, Venezuela and Iran, and Western countries like the US and UK.
– Pay road tax. If you don’t pay for the roads when you use toll roads, you can be sure that you are paying whenever you pay your income tax. We can’t get away from the cost of roads- they aren’t cheap!
– Buy insurance. No matter how safe a driver you might be, you will need to buy car insurance. The thing about car insurance is it is so expensive for some people, and so cheap for others. How can you save money on your car insurance costs? Well, if you are still under the age of 25, it would be a good idea to search online for the best young driver car insurance deals. And if you don’t drive all that often, consider the savings that can be made with short term car insurance. This is because short term car insurance is aimed at those people who don’t do a lot of driving and only need car insurance for a few days or weeks.

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