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Some Background on Men’s Rings

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Men have been wearing rings for centuries, even millennia. They have been used to signify both wealth and power, two things that are inherent in mens rings even now. A man can wear a school ring to boast of his affiliations with a prestigious alma mater, for example, or he can wear a ring with the symbols of an organization, like a Freemason ring.

Southern gentlemen used to wear rings that had gleaming gems set in gold to let people see that they had money; aristocrats, the nobility and royalty, also used to wear rings that had been engraved with their personal coat of arms to signify their influence.

Men’s rings were in earlier times worn by men of significance because gold, and silver, and gemstones were scarce and the resources needed to locate them were vast. Even these days, these precious gems and metals are still as rare as in the past, even with the advanced technology and knowledge used to find them. Of course, because that same knowledge and technology, the men’s ring has been made accessible to anyone who desired to wear one. But the meaning inherent in these rings has by no means diminished.

The majority of men who wear rings these days are limited to wedding bands, though there have been more and more men who are using rings as statements of individuality, philosophy, and fashion. Mens rings these days have more designs and increasing leaps of innovation. You can get an elegant ring made out of clock parts, or bike chains, or gold, silver and platinum if you wanted. You can have it engraved, set with any precious stone, or maybe just a simple band. There are rings created that can last a lifetime, and even more than a lifetime. You can have a tungsten ring made and can be sure that your grandchildren’s grandchildren will pass it on, as polished and gleaming as the day it was bought,  to their own offspring.

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