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Smart Innovations in Dinnerware

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With the huge number of companies offering different types of dinnerware now-a-days, some remain on top of others. This is mainly because of the variety they offer and the innovations that they present in order to provide high quality products that cater to their costumers needs.

When it comes to casual dinnerware, Corelle is probably one of the most popular brands available today. More than anything, Corelle is famed for the revolutionary material they use in making dinnerware. This material called Vitrelle is what makes their dinnerware very durable and practical for any modern household. I say practical because Corelle plates are known to be break and chip resistant, microwave and dishwasher safe, and light and stackable. They are perfect for everyday use and it is very easy to store them without worrying about chipping or breaking. Corelle dinnerware patterns are also very well thought of. They have contemporary patterns for those who prefer the modern look and they have minimalist patterns, which are good for those who like to keep the designs simple and understated. They also bring about different textures and contours in their dinnerware for those looking for more fun and textile pieces.

In formal dinnerware sets on the other hand, Johnson Brothers is a very prominent name. Johnson Brothers has been in the dinnerware market since 1882. They were the first to use semi-porcelain, which gave their pieces the delicate characteristics of china but which made it much less brittle and breakable. The semi porcelain allowed them to make durable pieces and antiques that are very exquisite and traditional. Johnson Brothers dinnerware are known for their picturesque patterns and designs that utilizes the traditional English look to come up with intricate and sophisticated designs that brings about the country charm. These dinnerware sets are perfect not only for formal occasions, but can also be used for decorative purposes and later on, can even be passed on as family heirloom.

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