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Simplify the Construction Phase with a Fence Post Driver

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Proper installation is imperative when building a fence and this is especially true when it comes to setting fence posts. This is easy to do if a fence post driver is used but there can be complications if the installer attempts to manually dig them in and tamp them down. Properly installed posts will require less maintenance and if cared for, will last for many years with no deterioration noticed in integrity.

Metal fence posts must be completely plumb but this can be difficult to accomplish. The fence post driver can be placed over the post. The operator then lifts it up and drops it down on the end of the post and this force will drive it deep into the ground. Some people try to hurry the process along by pulling down on the driver each time it strikes the post. This is not advised because it is damaging to the skin on the hands and will eventually wear blisters on the palms.

With a wooden post, the hole must be filled with dirt as the post is tamped down into the ground. Tamping is the most crucial part of the whole process. The posts must be driven deep enough so that they will not move and the dirt must be packed tight enough that it looks like concrete.
Installing the posts properly will ensure that the fence will stand for a long time. This will also guarantee that it will be aesthetically pleasing. This principle applies whether the fence material is wood or chain link. This is particularly true for an electric fence meant to confine livestock. Taking the time to place the posts properly will save time and money in the future. Maintenance costs will be a lot less for a fence that has been installed correctly.

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