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Select Cheap Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

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After the ardor has cooled off a bit most people wonder why they went out and spend far too much money on an engagement ring when there are so many alternatives available. This can be answered in one word: Marketing. When a jeweler sells a diamond for $8000 this means they probably paid about $2,000 for the same stone. If you are not good at math this gives the jeweler an 800% profit margin. When the same jeweler sells a cubic zirconia diamond, despite the fact that they are identical do mined diamonds in ever visible way, however the jewelers profit margin will be probably less than 100%. This is still an obscene profit, far higher than most other industries but the jewelry industry spends billions of dollars of their profits in marketing to tell people that a gem is more beautiful simply because it came from a mine shaft.

Cheap cubic zirconia engagement rings have become popular as more and more people realize that these gems are virtually identical to mined stones but are a fraction of the price. The question is however, why are cubic zirconia engagement rings so much less expensive? Mined stones of any quality are very rare and this rarity drives the price up. CZ stones on the other hand are made on command under completely controlled conditions, taking the rarity out of the equation. This is the simple reason why cheap CZ engagement rings are such a good buy. The look is identical but the price is a mere fraction.

If you could find a luxury car, made of the same materials, with the same name, but not made by the company who originally made them, all other things being equal, would you buy the car or pass just because it did not come from a certain plant? Of course not so why should you make the same mistake with jewelry?

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