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Seize Control of Your Children’s Toys

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If there is one thing parents wish for, it’s that their child would pick up their toys without being screamed at, cajoled, or threatened.  We just want our kids to help around the house!  However, kids are not born knowing how to put things where they belong.  You have to teach your child to put toys away in the right place.  Then, you’ll find that life is a lot easier.

First of all, most kids have more toys than they can reasonably handle putting away.  They just get overwhelmed when faced with the task, and quickly give up.  So help them by getting rid of a few toys.  You can get rid of some for good by throwing them out, donating them, or selling them.  Or you can try a toy rotation system so less toys are out at a time.  Either way, you want to have fewer toys for your kids to pick up on a daily basis.

After you’ve sorted through the toys, next comes the fun part.  Get the right furniture to organize the toys.  A toy bin organizer, like the Delta Children’s Products Princess 3-bin Organizer with Toy Box – Pink, can help your child sort and store toys like a pro.  She’ll know where each item goes, especially if you put a label on each bin.  If you have a boy, then read these cars toy bin organizer reviews.

Finally, put the toys away.  This should involve your child helping you decide what goes where.  This gives her more ownership of the process and helps her remember where things belong.  Work with your child for the next few weeks, helping her pick up and asking her where things belong.  This will help her remember to put the toys in the right place.  Before you know it, this will become a habit, and you can enjoy coming home to a relatively clean house!

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